Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategies

From Facebook to Twitter to Yelp and the multiple other social media outlets, there is an increasing amount of influencers that impact the perception of your brand and how you engage conversations with your customers.

Many marketers are still looking at Social as a specific tactic.

We believe social is an extension of your marketing, public relations and customer service philosophies. It should be engrained across all of your digital and offline pieces creating a social fabric that you weave into your approach with your customers. iMobileAgency has the expertise to help you identify the right approaches to build your cross-channel social media strategies and the technical ability to develop the supporting elements.

Social Media: Facebook Pages, Twitter Promos & Google+ Pages

Social Media is the largest and most frequented platforms utilized by the public today, making it the prefect channel to create brand awareness. We will create promotional pages within selected social mediums that will focus and drive traffic to your Mobile Optimized Responsive Design Site.

Sweepstakes Instant Win

A great way to further create the “Buzz” by creating instant gratification for the participants, resulting in more registrations and opt ins, all by utilizing word of mouth marketing, as winner are most likely to post their success in their social media accounts.


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