Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Web Design indicates that a web site is developed using W3C, CSS3 media queries to adapt to the environment that it is being viewed in. Responsive Website Design has the capabilities to redistribute the elements using flexible grid design, flexible navigation, flexible images and media queries to determine the user optimal experience according to the screen size and device platform such as Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Window Phone.

The best time to consider going with a responsive website design is when your company is ready for a new site design, new product launch or considering marketing tactics that the user will be engaging via multi-channels & device types.

What Problems Does Responsive Web Design Solve?

1. It resolves the need of having to develop and maintain a desktop website and a mobile optimized website.

2. Your end-user will have the optimal web experience without having the need to pinch & zoom.

3. It also makes SEO management easier because all display experiences share the same domain and links, greatly increasing the site’s authority with search.

4. Optimized experience for all devices for lower server load & site speeds.

5. Ability to have one website, one CMS system which reduces maintenance hassles and development costs.

iMobileAgency is a leader in Responsive Web Design and we look forward to discussing this new technology with you to determine whether it meets your company’s needs and branding.

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