Mobile Marketing Strategy & Promotion

Our Mobile Marketing Strategies will create and capture consumer brand awareness and drive a consistent brand experience cross-channel media’s and devices by focusing on strategic location based areas:

    • In-Store – Grocery, Retail, C-Stores. Movie Theaters, Sporting Events, Restaurants and more.
    • Web Promotions – Search Engines, Web Banners, Targeted Partner sites.
    • Mobile Promotions – Mobile Search, QR Code, Location-Based Marketing, Mobile Check-in & Rewards Programs, In App Advertising & Mobile Banner, etc.
    • Social Promotions – Social Media Outlets, FaceBook, Twitter, Four Square, etc.
    • Traditional Medias – Tv, Radio, Print & PR Channels.

        Mobile websites, applications, banner ads, rewards programs, SMS, QR codes, location-based marketing, push notifications and social media can all contribute to multi-channel marketing strategy.


    • Mobile Marketing Collaboration

iMobileAgency delivers proven mobile solutions across the campaign lifecycle that begin and end with our clients goals.  iMobileAgency allows you to reach your goals by offering the richest set of tools.  Whether you are looking to expand your reach,  engage new or existing customers, produce leads or sales – we deliver a suite of both rich and fundamental solutions required to meet your unique needs.

    • Mobile Promotion Plan

iMobileAgency will create a customized mobile advertising campaign and deliver strategies based on your goals.

    • Mobile Engagement

Mobile-specific post-click solutions, rich media executions and device-specific creative solutions developed to engage audiences and drive content rich interactivity.

Create a broad suite of rich media creative solutions including the searchable banner, carousel banner, expandable banner, RSS banner and Twitter-integrated banner.  iMobileAgency has also developed unique post-click solutions for multiple device platforms such as the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, RIM and Sony PSP.

    • Mobile Promotion Performance/ Analytics Reporting

iMobileAgency includes a reporting interface with real-time access to monitor the performance of your mobile advertising inventory.  Reporting includes: impressions, clicks, revenue, eCPMs, click-through-rates and additional valuable data.

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