Malibu Boats iPhone App Development

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I Was Responsible for Business Development & Mobile App Strategy –
(Developed & Designed By Past Employer AVAI

An iPhone App for People Who Love Malibu Boats

Tap into up-to-the-minute Malibu Boats video, photo and news content on the water or off. Gain access to the Malibu Boats Factories and your nearest dealer with one-click contact links. Stay on top of local water sports boating news and events.

Share water sports photos and soon video that could be featured on Malibu’s family of web sites. Connect an iPhone or iPod Touch to the MaliView 6.5” Color LCD Dash System and learn Malibu boat tips, a new wakeboard move or just watch for fun on a bigger screen with a sound system.

Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on your favorite Team Malibu Pro Rider, plan for the next Malibu Boats event, visit your local dealer, experience the 2010 boat models or learn to use the latest Malibu innovation, this app is worth the install.

  • Latest Malibu Boats national news
  • Searchable Malibu Boats & water sports video
  • Searchable Malibu news & photo bookmarks
  • Upload photos and soon video to Malibu Boats
  • One click to call, e-mail, web surf or get GPS directions to local Malibu Dealer
  • Latest local Malibu Dealer news
  • Request pricing and/or a quote on trade-in
  • One click to call, e-mail, web surf or get GPS directions to Malibu Boats Factories
  • Request an e-brochure
  • Schedule a plant tour
  • Sign-up to receive Malibu Boats monthly e-news
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