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            • 2016Fuli Furniture International Group headquarters base in Shenzhen to host Fair home venue, is the only field of home-themed venue.
            • 2014Fuli Furniture International Group, Farrell brand was re-elected Chinese furniture professional member of the unit.
            • 2013Fuli Furniture International Group, Farrell brand stores covering more than 100 domestic cities.
            • 2012Fuli International Furniture Group brand Farrell won the "Shenzhen well-known brand" brand
            • 2012as the house hold fair Opening ceremony venue
            • 2010Shenzhen FARRELL Furniture Manufacturing Co., was elected to the Fourth Council of Guangdong Furniture Association vice president of units
            • 2009Fuli industry members to start construction in 2011 and was fully operational.
            • 2009Fuli furniture International Holdings Ltd chairman Zhang Xuebin furniture was named China's top ten innovative entrepreneurs
            • 2004won the 10th Shenzhen International Furniture Upholstered furniture series runner-up
            • 2003former NPC Vice Chairman Wang Guangying handwritten inscription "Shenzhen FARRELL Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd."
            • 2002State Institute of green goods recommended product certification
            • 2001the company into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) information management system, and achieved the expected results.
            • 2001Furniture Fair won the 2001 Outstanding Contribution advanced foreign award, furniture export advanced enterprises Award.
            • 2000successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and strict "SATRA" International Certification
            • 1997won the Third Shenzhen International Furniture Fair Excellence Award
            • 1993the company was officially established